Renarthro - Nova patentirana formula na bazi tamjana, smirne i kolostruma

The new and unique synergistic combination of frankincense, myrrh and a immune regulating peptides

Why is it important to maintain bone and joint health?

Kolostrum koji se nalazi u proizvodu Renarthro obrađuje se patentom zaštićenim procesom u kojem se uklanjaju neaktivne masti, a povećava se količina polipeptida bogatih prolinom.

Provides relief from inflammation and alleviated pain fast, within only a few days, when compared to 30 - 60 days needed for glucosamine

Quickly acheived improvement in mobility and range of movement.

Safer – Renarthro contains ingredients that are hypoallergenically proven, compared to shellfish based glucosamine products with high iodine content.

Green and Sustainable - Renarthro uses ingredients collected without any harm done to plants or animals , compared to chondroitin obtained from cartilage of sea sharks, an endangered animal.

Zdravlje zglobova ovisi o kvaliteti zglobne hrskavice, koja omogućuje zglobnu pokretljivost i fleksibilnost te ujedno ublažava udarce i opterećenja.

The state of your joints depends on the quality of the cartilage, which is crucial to the mobility and flexibility of the joint, and which at the same time alleviates mechanical stress and strain. Various pathological processes, injuries and aging cause continuous degeneration of our joints.

For centuries traditional medicine has been using the aromatic resins of frankincense and myrrh to cure various chronic inflammatory diseases. The Holy Bible, Egyptian scrolls, the Vedas and the Quran all mention frankincense and myrrh.The Three Wise Men - Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar brought frankincense and myrrh to baby Jesus as a gift. At that time, these were the most prized gifts alongside gold.

Colostrum is pre-milk produced by all mammals at the time of giving birth. Colostrum is a mixture of immune and growth factors as well as important nutrients, all of them designed to support a immune system, ensuring the health, vitality and growth of the newborn.

Colostrum contains various immune system factors such as immunoglobulins , proline-rich polypeptides and lactoferrin.

Proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs) act systemically, modulating the complex immune system and are therefore the most important ingredient in colostrum. Proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs) are intercellular signaling molecules that have the unique ability to modulate the immune system, turning it up when needed or turning it down when it is overactive.

The colostrum used in Renatrtho is produced through a proprietary process which removes inactive fats and enriches proline-rich polypeptides.

As a result of this process, our colostrum contains about 3-4 times more PRPs than other colostrums.

Renarthro is formulated to quickly alleviate pain, decrease inflammations and preserve joint health.

This combination of frankincense and myrrh extracts with colostrum is completely unique and patent-protected. Farmavita Ltd's patent-protected innovation lies in the fact that Renarthro's efficacy is not a mere sum of the respective effects of the individual components, but rather a synergy of each ingredients' effects.


How to take?

One capsule contains 140 mg frankincense extract, 140 mg myrrh extract (Commiphora spp.) and 70 mg Colostrum Powder.

Directions for use: For the first ten days: take one capsule with a meal, three times a day. After the first ten days, it is recommended to reduce the dosage to one capsule per day, and continue using Renarthro for a longer period of time.
Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose.

People with sensitivities to any of the ingredients should not take Renarthro. Renarthro should also not be taken by children or pregnant women. Renarthro should be stopped one week before surgery.


Keep in a dark place at a temperatureof up to 25°C.
The shelf life is 36 months from the production date specified on the package.
It must not be taken after the specified date.

Boxes with 30 or 60 capsules in blister packaging.

Farmavita d.o.o., Zagorska 52, Samobor, Croatia

Licensed by Ministry of Health and Social Welfare approval dated June 28,2011.
Class:UP/I-541-02/11-01/272. Notification number MZ:0812720611

Frequently asked questions


How quickly can I expect to see an improvement?

You can expect the first signs of improvement after only three days. Most Renarthro users should feel alleviation of pain and inflammation in the joints after ten days. For optimal results, several months of regular usage may be required.

Can the recommended daily dose be increased or decreased?

After you are satisfied with the achieved improvement, you can decrease the recommended daily dose to one Renarthro capsule daily. Increasing the recommended daily dose is not recommended. Scientific literature has described cases when these extracts were used in ten times greater doses, but with medical supervision.

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Dietary supplement to preserve joint and bone health


Frankincense, myrrh, colostrum - unique formula


Simple and natural solution for protection and renewal of joints flexibility



Research Studies

In order to develop products Farmavita d.o.o. used the below stated research studies, and the final reference quotes the text from the patent application Farmavitad.o.o. filed in February of 2011.

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